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Trifectiv Plus Air Nebulising Solution

by Thoclor Labs


We have been working with Thoclor Labs for a couple of years now. Their amazing talents and wealth of knowledge have come together and produced a range of products that are steadily breaking ground in the medical and beauty industries. It has been so exciting to watch.

The latest development is one that we felt we HAD to share. A number of people have tried this, and recently a couple of people in our immediate families... and we are shouting the results from the rooftops!!

Although this product has not yet completed clinical trials, it has been tested extensively.

When administered with a mesh nebuliser, patients with Covid-19 (among other things) have reported immediate relief from breathing difficulties. Patients in dire situations have been successfully treated and cleared in as little as 2 days.

We are assisting with the sales and distribution in Johannesburg.


Please, if you or someone you know is struggling, get in touch with us.

A bottle is R191.35 excluding delivery.

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