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Why this lock-down period may just be the best time to market!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It's easy to slip into a state of apprehension and dormancy. We are facing a time of uncertainty and many businesses around the world have put a freeze on spending. Is this beneficial in the long run? Absolutely not!

Here's why...

This lock-down will come to an end... pretty soon actually. Life will resume and we will return to our daily routines. When this happens, all businesses, big and small will be trying to make up for lost-time. We need to be ahead of the game. We need to be ready to hit the ground running and get financially fit as soon as possible. Get ready for the upturn – it's coming!

So perhaps, this lock-down is an opportunity!

It may not be easy in many cases, but we’ll come out the other end stronger. Now is the time to work on your marketing... It’s the perfect time to strategically build your business and focus on the strength of your connections. Quiet months are ideal for planning your medium-to-long term marketing strategy. You should make sure you have effective plans in place to take full advantage of the busy periods, getting as much work as possible done during the quiet months when you have time.

How can Tin Shack Design Co. help you?

Get in touch with us and we will customise a marketing plan that's right for you! Looking to spruce up your corporate ID, order new business cards, create brochures for your sales team or send out emailers to your customers? Have you thought about a website, and branded items? We are your one-stop-shack for all of your design and print requirements.

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